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Burlington PathFinder

Burlington PathFinder

All of our bailiffs are equipped with custom-designed site visit reports and supporting forms, which are completed in the field using the bailiff’s digital pen. The pen strokes made by our bailiff are precisely recorded and, when submitted, a .pdf image of the relevant completed form is uploaded to Burlington Pathfinder™ instantly along with photographs of the asset or visit location.

These images are then made available for download by our clients in the documents area of the relevant case.

When the form is submitted, it also records the date and time of submission and the GPS location from which the report was sent.

This allows us to provide fully auditable proof of our attendances, including the time visits were made – which can be very helpful when ensuring compliance with industry guidelines for frequency and timing of visits.

Burlington PathFinder Portal

Burlington Pathfinder™, our complementary portal service, was custom designed and built for Burlington with the benefit of our extensive knowledge of the collections and enforcement industry. Our system provides our clients with a complete solution to enable uploading, viewing and management of instructions.

Instant Access

Upon submission of the forms, the digital PDA’s also upload .XML data on the basis of the boxes ticked on the form. The form is also partly enabled for Optical Character Recognition for key fields completed on the form.

We can design bespoke reports for our clients upon request, to include client branding and also recording of custom fields of data that may be of particular importance to our clients.

Integrating Systems

Because Burlington Pathfinder™ is built on .XML tables, it can in most cases, be integrated with client case management platforms to provide a seamless means of passing bulk instructions to Burlington.

With just one click, our clients can identify a particular case for field enforcement action and can upload data from the relevant areas of their system – leaving no margin for error in instruction. Full integration also allows client systems to be updated with details of our activities on each case, including calls, emails, visit reports and status reports. With full integration, the client can benefit from all the features of Burlington Pathfinder™, without the need to access the system itself.

Burlington Pathfinder™ provides greater transparency. It allows our clients to access each instruction online and view a concise situation report and to save time and resources that would otherwise be spent requesting and processing updates.

Maintaining service levels

Whilst we are going to great lengths to stream benefits of this industry-leading technology, we are also determined to maintain our excellent account management facilities. We recognise that technology cannot replace experienced and knowledgeable staff and we continue to offer each of our clients the same excellent standard of service.

Voted Enforcement Team of the Year 2014

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