• Attachment of Earnings Order

    An Attachment of Earnings Order (AEO) is a court order that allows deductions from a customer’s earnings to recover unpaid debt including High Court and County Court judgment debts and Magistrates’ Courts’ fines.

    An Attachment of Earnings Order is sent to the customer or their employer instructing them to deduct money from earnings and contains the following information:

    • the total debt owed by the customer/employee
    • how often a deduction should be made (weekly or monthly)
    • the amount which will be deducted each week or month
    • the amount below which money must not be deducted (the protected earnings rate (PER)).

    An AEO comes into force as soon as it is received and deductions will begin the next time the customer is paid. Failure to comply with the court order could result in a fine.

    An Attachment of Earnings Order is a popular enforcement method, however, the process to obtain an AEO is more complex than the administrative process of enforcing a money judgment in the High Court. A hearing will be required. Also, another consideration is that quite often the amount to be deducted from earnings is often quite low so if the debt is large, it could be spread over several years.

    Obtaining an Attachment of Earnings

    Contact a solicitor for help obtaining an AOE.