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Property Enforcement

Property Enforcement

Our powers as certificated bailiffs allow us to collect rent arrears on commercial property and forfeit leases on behalf of commercial landlords and property owners. Our wide range of capabilities offer those with a large property portfolio the simplicity of engaging just one national supplier for rent collection, enforcement of orders for possession and trespasser evictions.

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Tenant Eviction by County Court order for possession & faster enforcement by the High Court Enforcement Officer

Estate agents offering a full management service to their landlords wishing to repossess their properties, are often provided with a sub-standard service by Enforcement companies. Experience shows that in tenant eviction cases, the landlord’s interests are best served by speed of action, whilst also following the correct legal process.

With Burlington Group’s extensive resources we provide a faster residential tenant eviction service of the County Court order, (within 40 days, dependent on the landlord’s issuing County Court). Furthermore the service and tracing of absconded tenants after the eviction at no charge, enables your firm to offer a “follow on service” in order to obtain the outstanding rent and other charges that may still be owed to your clients.

Couple this service with on line access to your client portal account in order that you can update your landlords every step of the way, explains why our clients believe we are the best in the business.

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery for Commercial Properties

Our statutory powers allow us to seize or ‘levy distraint’ on goods belonging to commercial tenants for unpaid rent. If the rent amount remains unpaid, we can remove goods, sell them at public auction and offset the net sales proceeds against the amount owed.

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Lease Forfeiture

We also act on behalf of commercial landlords to repossess properties. As certificated bailiffs we can help commercial landlords to forfeit leases and secure the return of the property in accordance with the terms of the lease.

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Key to our eviction service offering is that Burlington has an authorised Principal High Court Enforcement Officer – giving us the power to enforce judgments or orders of both the High Court and County Courts. This means that we have the power to evict tenants from residential premises when enforcing an order for possession.

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How to Evict Squatters & Trespassers

Our powers as High Court Enforcement Officers also allow us to enforce County Court possession orders against squatters living in disused commercial premises. Whilst a landlord is entitled to use certificated bailiffs to forfeit a lease whilst the premises are unoccupied, the bailiff has no authority to eject occupants or squatters.

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Account Management

Stay informed of enforcement action with a dedicated Account Manager

Voted Enforcement Team of the Year 2014

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Let Burlington’s award-winning Enforcement Team help you recover outstanding debts. As Enforcement Agents and High Court Enforcement Officers, Burlington can assist with both general debt collection and judgment enforcement. So, whatever your enforcement requirements, let Burlington help you.

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