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Commercial Lease Forfeiture

Commercial Tenant Evictions

Burlington act on behalf of commercial landlords to repossess commercial properties. As Enforcement Officers (also known as certificated bailiffs), we can help commercial landlords to forfeit leases and secure the return of the property in accordance with the terms of the lease (where the terms of the lease permit). Burlington can also arrange building security, providing alarms, barriers and shuttering to keep premises secure and protected from trespassers. We have Enforcement Officers across the whole of England and Wales and can act on your instructions immediately. Our comprehensive level of coverage allows us to meet all requirements, whether you need to repossess a shop in South Shields or recover arrears from a restaurant in Reading, we have the resources in place to act on your behalf.

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Download our free Guide to Evicting Commercial Tenants. Arrange for a call back from our Client Services Team for further advice on evicting a tenant/our lease forfeiture service. You are welcome to contact us at any time on 0330 900 8000 and we will endeavour to help you with your enquiry.

About Lease Forfeitures

What will you do to forfeit a commercial lease

Once instructed we will arrange to attend with a locksmith. Upon gaining entrance to the premises, we will post notices to confirm that the premises have been repossessed by the landlord. We will also make an appraisal of the premises to include within our final report. Once the premises are secured we will send keys to the landlord or landlord’s agent, according to our instructions. We can also advise on long-term security requirements and the provision of screening and alarms if necessary. We can also reattend to provide supervised access to the tenant for removal of any possessions.

Things to consider when forfeiting a commercial lease

You will only be able to forfeit the lease if it has a ‘forfeiture clause’ which specifically allows termination and repossession under certain conditions. You may wish to take legal advice before instructing Burlington to repossess the premises. You will need to grant access to the tenant to collect any possessions from the premises. If the tenant fails to claim possessions left on site you may need to store them for a period and provide appropriate notice to the tenant. It is often worth considering extra security measures to secure the premises against re-entry by the tenant. If the premises are likely to remain unoccupied for any length of time, a landlord should also consider protecting the property against trespassers/squatters.

How long will it take to forfeit a commercial lease?

We will attend as soon as possible and, in most cases, within 24 hours. Since we cannot forcibly require any occupants to leave the premises, we will generally attend outside usual trading hours. Once we have gained entry we will change the locks to all doors, post the relevant notices and will supply keys to the nominated keyholder.

How much will it cost to forfeit a commercial lease?

Our fees are fixed and agreed with the client prior to attendance. We can also give an indication of locksmith charges, but these will usually vary dependant upon the type and number of locks we are required to change.

Commercial Tenant Eviction | Allied Services

If your tenant is in arrears but you do not wish to forfeit the lease and lose the tenant completely, you may want to consider instructing Burlington to collect the rent arrears. As Enforcement Officers, we are able to seize the tenant’s goods if payment of the rent is not made. Please see our free Guide to Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery, or review our articles for further information.

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