High Court Enforcement Officers and Police

Here we explain the role of the police in the enforcement when assisting High Court Enforcement Officers.

Is it a constable’s duty to assist High Court Enforcement Officers? 

In short; yes, it is a police officer’s duty to assist a High Court Enforcement Officer.

Paragraph 5 of Schedule 7 to the Courts Act 2003 provides as follows:

5.         It is the duty of every constable, at the request of –

a) a High Court Enforcement Officer, or

b) any person acting under the officer’s authority,

to assist the Enforcement Officer or the person acting under their authority, in the execution of a writ.

What is not clear is how far this ‘duty’ goes. It would almost certainly extend to attending the scene to prevent a breach of the peace at the request of an Enforcement Officer and to exercise a power of arrest for such a breach (or anticipated breach) where necessary.

What happens if a person removes, hides or sells seized goods?

 And, any person guilty of removing or otherwise interfering with goods may be held liable in damages. A court may also order that the person responsible be committed to prison if they fail to deliver up the goods.