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Enforcing Orders for Possession

Enforcing Orders for Possession

How To Enforce A Possession Order

As High Court Enforcement Officers, Burlington are authorised by the Ministry of Justice to enforce orders for possession issued in England and Wales. We can enforce possession orders obtained in the High Court and County Court.

Whether you have an order for the eviction of squatters (orders directed to ‘Persons unknown’) or an order for the eviction of a named tenant, we can help you secure possession of your property.

We can also help to recover any sum of money awarded in the original order or under a separate monetary judgment.

If you have a County Court order against squatters (an order directed against ‘Persons unknown’), we can transfer the matter for enforcement very easily. All we will need is permission from the issuing County Court using court form N293a (available in the downloads area).

If the order is against a tenant (or named defendant), you will need to apply to the County Court for permission to transfer the case for enforcement purposes under section 42 of the County Courts Act (1984) using an N244 form  (available in the downloads area). Once granted, you will need to obtain an Order from the High Court (Form PF92) allowing permission to issue a Writ of Possession.

How long will it take?

Once we have received the writ, our Enforcement Officers will be dispatched to attend the Defendant’s address. We will arrange for a locksmith to attend in order to help gain possession (if necessary) and to change locks. We will require any occupant(s) to leave and will post the relevant notices confirming our instruction and remit.

Once vacant possession is obtained we will advise our client accordingly. We may also make some recommendations in relation to securing the premises on an ongoing basis. Through our network of business partners we can provide shuttering and alarm services to help protect premises from unauthorised entry.

How much will it cost?

Adam on phone, Burlington enforcement servicesThe cost to enforce a possession order in the High Court is a fixed-fee of £510.00 (inc VAT), which includes a £66.00 disbursement payable to HM Courts and Tribunal Service and two attendances (the preliminary visit and the first hour of the officer’s time on-site on the day of eviction).  If the eviction goes beyond one hour, we will charge on a ‘time spent’ basis at a rate of £120+vat per man, per hour thereafter (an additional Enforcement Officer or Officer(s) may be required where the defendant refuses to vacate). If a locksmith is required, charges will be passed on at cost.

Please contact our Client Services Team to discuss this service on 0330 900 8000.

How do I instruct Burlington?

To instruct us please complete this online instruction form.

Please note that in addition to your completed order form, we will also require:

  • A copy of the order you need us to enforce
  • A copy of your permission to use High Court enforcement from the County Court (not applicable if your order is against ‘Persons Unknown’ or if you wish for us to make this application on your behalf)

Please remember that clients with ongoing requirements can use our complimentary Burlington Pathfinder™ portal to lodge instructions online – please contact our Client Services Team on 0330 900 8000 for further details.