Reuniting a mother with her son

Recently our Enforcements Team successfully reunited a mother with her son, following an abduction by the father. Find out what happened…

On Monday 19th July, we received a phone call from a desperate mother, explaining that her ex-husband had abducted their son.

How did the situation come about?

When the child’s mother split with her ex-husband (also the father of the child), the father had pre-arranged fortnightly visits so he could spend time with their son but on the last visit, about two weeks before she got in touch with us, her ex-husband didn’t  return to drop their son off at the agreed meeting time.

In panic, the mother phoned her ex-husband only to be told he was keeping their son and there was nothing she could do – but there was…

The son’s mother went to the court, where a judge ordered that the son be returned to the mother on the strength of a contempt order.

The father took no action so we were contacted to trace the whereabouts of her ex-husband and serve a copy of the order on the defendant.

Within three hours of the order being granted, our Enforcements Team had located the ex-husband and within a further two hours the ecstatic mother was reunited with her son.